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How I Work

I do not usually structure or direct the sessions or give advice (although sometimes I may) – rather, I will invite you to say whatever is on your mind at that moment. This may feel uncomfortable at first as it’s not something we are used to in our daily lives, or in our encounters with other health professionals, but given time it is this process that allows the underlying issues and emotions to come to the surface.

Is there research evidence?

Yes. Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy are evidence-based treatments and several studies have been completed and published showing their effectiveness. A good overview of this research is a book entitled ‘What works for whom?’ by Anthony Roth and Peter Fonagy. A more recent article from Scientific American published in March 2010 also offers ‘…the strongest evidence yet that psychodynamic psychotherapy — “talk therapy” — works. In fact, it not only works, it keeps working long after the sessions stop.’ Click on the link for the story: