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Psychotherapy Sessions and Fees

Sessions start from £65 depending on income and the frequency of sessions. The sessions last for 50 minutes and the minimum frequency of sessions is once weekly. However, more frequent sessions allow for work at a greater depth and if it is possible I would usually encourage you to attend as often as you can (up to five times weekly) through the working week.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation costs £95 and lasts up to an hour and a half. This is an opportunity to discuss what has brought you to seek psychotherapy and to find out whether psychoanalytic psychotherapy is an appropriate treatment. It is intended to give an experience of what psychotherapy might be like and so can stir up intense feelings and painful memories but it can also offer relief and hope. If psychoanalytic psychotherapy is not an appropriate treatment, you will be safely referred on to a relevant professional or service.


My consulting room is in Withdean, Brighton. Non-metred parking is freely available.